• Koh Lipe
    Andaman trips

Fun dives for certified divers

We'd be happy to have you join us for a few days of diving here with us!
Let one of our experienced dive guides show you the best of our underwater world here in the Tarutao National Marine Park.

Three dive boats = Six different dive sites !

We go out every day for:

  • full day dive trips (starting at 08.00am and returning around 03.00pm)
  • half day dive trips (1st trip starting at 08.00am until 12.30 & 2nd trip starting at 13.00am until 17.30pm)
  • afternoon dives (starting at 03.00pm)
  • night dive (starting at 06.00pm)

Dive around Koh Lipe

More than 30 different dive locations available in the Tarutao National Marine Park!

Our dive sites are located between 20-60 minutes boat ride away.
We normally have small groups of maximum 4 fun divers per dive guide. We always try to put you in a group with other divers of similar level and experience.

Our most famous dive sites

Stonehenge - Lipe

Stonehenge - NOT TO BE MISSED!
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This is an underwater fantasy land of mysteriously shaped granite pinnacles covered in white, pink, yellow, orange, red and purple soft corals.
In addition there are countless anemones, dozen of orange gorgonian sea fans and many massive barrel sponges.

8Mile Rock - Lipe

8Mile Rock - Cleaning station for pelagics
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One of the last world class pinnacles left in the Anaman sea. 8 mile rock is a submerged pinnacle roughly 8 miles due south of Koh Lipe.
Noted for the large pelagics that cruise past,whale sharks, manta and eagle rays are common, along with leopard shark, giant barracuda and groupers.

Koh Sarang - Lipe

Koh Sarang - Beautiful soft corals garden
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Massive granite pinnacles and endless fields of brilliantly colored soft corals. The dramatic scenery changes at every turn; one minute you are gliding over huge boulders, the next you are drifting along a wall.
You will find yourself surrounded by color as you swim through an underwater garden of multi color soft corals.

Koh Pung - Lipe

Koh Pung - Ripping drift dive
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In the shallows you will find bright pink and purple soft corals on smaller boulders, a bit deeper the boulders get bigger and the color palette changes to predominantly white and purple.
Parts of the dive site can be subject to strong currents so be prepared to do a little underwater flying!

Koh Taru - Lipe

Koh Taru - Biggest group of snappers
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This is rocky reef with a very healthy hard coral garden in the shallows.
Lots of coral bommies and barrel sponges. Rocky ledges and small boulders covered in hard coral.

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